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Why Choose Home Daycare?

We are set up to resemble the family structure and care for your child in much the same way you would in your own home. Comfy couch, pictures on the mantle, and throw rugs under tiny feet in the bathroom. All homey touches that help your child feel secure and are familiar with in their own home. This allows the child to open up, relax, feel calm, and adds that extra loving feel; unlike the cold, stark, and lack of natural sunlight in many buildings. It's like visiting "grandma" or "auntie", but with all the benefits of developmental learning and fun traditional preschools provide!

Building Relationships & Trust
It has been my experience that often times daycare centers tend to be a revolving door when it comes to employees. Often times they are teenagers who need a summer job or something until they are done with schooling and then go on to get a "real" job, instead of someone who is dedicated and truly loves working with children. This pattern is also not easy on children. Children need consistency. When they bond with someone and all of a sudden that person is gone, readjusting to someone new can be tough. Because this is my home and my business I will always be here with open arms and an open heart for your family to get to know, trust, and depend on.

In my home I will be caring for a small group of no more then 8 children. We become close knit and get to know each others likes, personalities, and quirks...much like a family. I do not have to follow any set plan of disciplinary procedures, instead I can take my lead from the children in my care by doing what works best for a smooth successful day.

I am a strong believer in routine and consistency. This allows children to come to know what to expect leaving them feeling safe and secure in a predictable & loving environment. However, Cheerful Cherubs is flexible and we can adjust and adapt to the learning needs and interests of our children. If they are particularly engaged in a learning activity or facing challenges in a specific area of development we can adapt to suit their needs. No deadlines to cover the letter C by Friday and move on to letter D first thing Monday morning...if you know what I mean. In my home I am flexible to suit the curiosities, desires, and needs of your children while still providing learning fun with a mothers touch!

The more children play in an area and come into contact with the same toys, the more chances for the spread of germs. Having a smaller group of children already reduces the instances of sickness; the other is the routine cleaning of the space, toys, hands and noses in my care. Another reassuring factor is to remember that this is not a building I am at from 9a to 5p and then race out of at 5:01p. This is my home and not just for the sake of your family, but also for myself, my family's health and well being, it is cleaned daily. We all know that when something belongs to us and we work for it, we are more likely to take good care of it. I love my home. It is my place of safety and comfort, and it allows me space to lovingly care for my family...and yours!

I appreciate your consideration of my family childcare while contemplating all the daycare options available. I would love the opportunity to get to know and love your family!

Have a Cheerful Day!

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