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Tour Photos of my home...

Cheerful Cherubs Childcare welcomes you to our home!

Come inside and cook at the kitchen, or tidy up at house keeping...Don't forget to check on the baby! A toy shelf offers a variety of free play activities and a nearby table provides a space for your child to have some quiet time or play with a friend!

This is our messy zone!
Here we can gather around the table and share during meal times. During arts and crafts we are free to create without worry of drips and spills! Colorful mats provide a soft place to build with blocks, or play with our felt or magnet boards. Science table offers a chance to experiment and explore. Our large preschool table accommodates our beginning writing activities and a nearby just-right height chalk board provides more opportunities to practice what we learned in a fun new way!

​Fun Outdoors!

Outside play offers children fresh air and a place to burn energy and let their imaginations go. Take a relaxing swing on our play-set Answer the door for the mailman at the cherubs clubhouse or climb up and slide down one of our slides! Large sandbox provides group sand play, as well as many ride ons and outside balls/toys to entertain your child.

Emergency preparedness is important to
Cheerful Cherubs Childcare! ​


A First Aid kit as well as a backup supply of bottled water, non-perishable snacks, flashlights, batteries and travel sized cards/books for entertainment are packed and ready to go if needed. We regularly practice fire drills from all times of day so the children are familiar with the procedures and less frightened in the event we need to evacuate. None of this is done to scare you, but to ease your mind that your family's safety has been thought about and best practices put into place to create a safe & secure environment for your child.

Please Feel free to contact me to bring your child for a visit!
We look forward to seeing you soon!  Have a Cheerful Day! :-)

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